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Catalogue 2007

LISC Chapter 7 has prepared a completely new catalogue in full colour showing all the approved and verified Lions stamps in accordance with Policy Manual Article nr PS 0017. It also shows many of the Lion topical stamps. A listing of 4 different International catalogues has been added for cross references.
The first edition of this special catalogue 2007 with over 100 pages is published in the spring of 2007 and is for sale at the price of €45.00 for Europe and US$ 65.00 for the rest of the world (postage and handling included).

In our opinion this catalogue meets a need for all enthusiastic collectors of the stamps and sheets of Lions International and the Lions topical issues.

In the past a number of collectors have published an overview, a stamp catalogue or a semi-encyclopaedic work in this collection area. However, the problem with all of these publications was that they were a product on basis of the ideas of an individual collector, only a picture on the moment of publication, most of them were not complete and there was no follow up in the years afterwards. Up till now there is no up-to-date publication with a complete and systematic overview of stamps, souvenir sheets, combination sheets, gutter pairs, De Luxe sheets, perforated & imperforated issues for a Lions and Lion topical collection.

This catalogue, issued by LISC – Chapter 7, with the express consent of LISC international will be the first in a row of a continuing series and will be extended every year with the new issues of that year and the missing issues from the past.
It is our intention that the scope of this catalogue covers the area of Lions and Lions topical issues as complete as possible, including Gerhard Hansen, Raoul Follereau and Helen Keller.

As the Lions Clubs have been actively involved in service to the blind and visually impaired after the challenge of Helen Keller to the Lions International Convention in 1925 to become “knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness” we have the intention to broaden the subject of Helen Keller to blindness in general.

We are convinced that this catalogue
  • will be of great help for all philatelists of Lions and Lion topical issues
  • will contribute to the purposes of the Lions International Stamp Club
  • will contribute to the collecting of Lionistic philatelic materials and
  • will promote the Lions fellowship in the world.

The editorial committee:
Rotarian Anthony van Vliet        Editor, Chairman of RoS (Rotary on Stamps)
Lion Jan Pieter Bal                     Vice President of LISC
Lion Micha Gelber                      Secretary & Past President of LISC 2002-2003
Lion Thierry De Wandeleir        Past President of LISC 2006-2007