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The Lions Stamp Album

LISC Chapter 7 has prepared a complete album in full colour showing all the approved and verified Lions stamps in accordance with Policy Manual Article nr PS 0017. From the beginning of 1940 till 2001 all stamps emitted are inserted, from 2002 till now we only take the accepted issues in consideration.

The album pages are split into 3 major groups: regular stamps & souvenir sheets, imperforate issues and other thematic like Helen Keller, Raoul Follereau and Gerhard Hansen.

A Lion Album contains a number of colour printed pages at € 0.45 per page. This determines the price per Album set. In addition blank pages with logo (€ 0.30 per page) can be added for special collectibles.

The pages can be placed in a special cover (with cassette) at € 22.50 per cover. The cover can contain approximately 60 pages (when all pages are filled with stamps).

To cater to everyone’s wishes in starting from a certain date, the pages are bundled in sets from one year to another. So members, who already started with a specific album, can always start from a specific year.