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The Philatelist

The main channel of communications between LISC members is the Philatelist. The LISC publication appears 4 times a year and is the most important contribution to all LISC members.
The in colour executed A4, 8 page philatelic newspaper contains a hoard of information important to Lion stamp collectors and thematic philatelists. The quality wise upgrading by modern means and techniques of the electronic facilities has widened the scope of possibilities.
Part of the Philatelist appears in various languages in addition to English such as French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Besides the quarterly first page letter by the President it lists all important information pertaining to the organisation such as functions, addresses and structure of LISC.
It publishes the reports of the Annual Board meeting, the Annual General Meeting as well as all financial reports. Information about new members is published in the course of the two years between the biannual Roster issues.

 There are many Chapter reports showing their fund raising activities and articles contributed by LISC members about Lion related philatelic subjects.
Some of the important parts are the New Issue Service, Spotlight On, showing the background of past issues as well as specific details of thematic parts of a Lion stamp collection.
Auctions, sales adverts, general supplies and information about LISC pins, albums, the LISC Catalogue and covers are part of the contents.